What is the Spirit of Music?
As with anything we do in our lives, those things that bring us happiness, contentment, and a sense of inner peace are being "done in the spirit" of that thing. Whether it is stamp collecting, sculpting, writing, or playing music, everything can be "spiritual" in nature. If you are putting all of your heart and soul into every note you play, or swing of your sculptor's mallet, or word on the page, you will enter the "ZONE".

The zone can be described as, "that place that is beyond your conscious mind, where time and place become something 'different' ". You see and hear what is going on, however, you become as a "witness" to it. It is as if someone else is playing, or writing, or carving. Goose bumps will rise up on your skin; you will get an adrenalin rush of incredible intensity, you may even shed tears of joy... then you will be jerked out of this "zone" and will probably miss the next beat, or will miss the hammer and...

I think you get the idea: this "zone" is something that comes and goes quickly at best. It is hard to stay in it and it is hard to reenter it once it has happened (and you recognize it for what it is!).

So how can you access this wonderful place whenever you want to? How can you "explore the spirit" without resorting to mind and mood altering substances? There ARE WAYS:
All these things you do now, just not in an organised, focused way, with music, or sculpting, or writing, as a focal point.

Why it is Desirable, even Necessary to Study and Practice in Order to Reach the ZONE

  • By reading about and studying the Theory and Mechanics of Music you will be "filling the toolbox" (the mind) with all the knowledge required to play anything at anytime, so that you may play everything... everytime.
  • You will be able to experience any and all of the musical cultures of this world.
  • You will have the tools to start exploring new musical worlds by going through any and/or all the different doors and portals that this world's musical knowledge and wisdom hold "keys" (this is a hint) to.
  • You will find total freedom in your playing on a "scale" (another hint) that you have not imagined; freedom from fear, freedom from ego, freedom from the demons that haunt you when you are away from your instrument.
  • You will be able to surrender to the inner musician, the higher power if you will, that which lies dormant during most of your waking life. Some people call this the subconscious mind, but I look at it as the "SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS", that part of us that is beyond time and space, that part of us that is connected to the UNIVERSE in an intimate and immediate state of being; THAT part of us that lives, works and plays... IN THE ZONE. You will be able to live in that place also, so that it can be accessed at anytime, in anyplace, with anybody, from the first moment to the last of any and every session you take part in. 

  • This is possible for anybody, whether or not you are a musician; just think about it.

Exploring the Spirit of Music
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